Hazelcast – The Art of Data Distribution

Hazelcast is an open source clustering and highly scalable data distribution platform for Java, which is:
Lightning-fast; thousands of operations/sec.
Fail-safe; no losing data after crashes.
Dynamically scales as new servers added.
Super-easy to use; include a single jar.

With its various distributed data structures, distributed caching capabilities, elastic nature, memcache support, integration with Spring and Hibernate and more importantly so many happy users, Hazelcast is feature-rich, enterprise-ready and developer-friendly in-memory data grid solution.

Hazelcast allows you to easily share and partition your application data across your cluster. Hazelcast is a peer-to-peer solution (there is no master node, every node is a peer) so there is no single point of failure. JVMs that are running Hazelcast will dynamically cluster.

Hazelcast is pure Java and it is as simple as using java.util.{Queue, Map, Set, List}. Just add the hazelcast.jar into your classpath and start coding.

When Hazelcast?
Hazelcast will help you when you need to:
Share data/state among many servers (e.g. web session sharing)
Cache your data (distributed cache)
Cluster your application
Provide secure communication among servers
Partition your in-memory data
Distribute workload onto many servers
Take advantage of parallel processing
Provide fail-safe data management

For more detail about Hazelcast,

For getting started (in English),

Hazelcast training videos (in Turkish)
Bölüm-1 Hazelcast ücretsiz uzaktan eğitimi
Bölüm-2 Hazelcast ücretsiz uzaktan eğitimi
Bölüm-3 Hazelcast ücretsiz uzaktan eğitimi


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