Unicodes of the Turkish characters

These are the unicodes corresponding to Turkish characters.

* ğ – \u011f
* Ğ – \u011e
* ı – \u0131
* İ – \u0130
* ö – \u00f6
* Ö – \u00d6
* ü – \u00fc
* Ü – \u00dc
* ş – \u015f
* Ş – \u015e
* ç – \u00e7
* Ç – \u00c7

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Software Developer - Computer Engineer from Istanbul, Turkey
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6 Responses to Unicodes of the Turkish characters

  1. Taha says:

    kankaa şu link ile bütün encoding sorunlarına elveda denilebilir -> ISO/IEC 8859-9. Burada çok güzel bir tablo var. Hem de ISO-8859-1 den farkı anlatılıyor. 😉 Ayrıca, Windows-1254 da ISO-8859-9 ile neredeyse aynı 🙂

    • Taha says:

      Character encodings in HTML da şu ifade önemli:

      A known misconception about is that this attribute of meta element is intended to be interpreted directly by a browser, like an ordinary HTML tag. According to WWW Consortium, it helps the HTTP server[4] to generate corresponding headers when it serves the document. The HTTP/1.1 header specification for a HTML document must label an appropriate encoding in the Content-Type header,[5] missing charset= parameter results in acceptance of ISO-8859-1 (so HTTP/1.1 formally does not offer such option as an unspecified character encoding), and this specification supersedes all HTML (or XHTML) meta element ones. This can pose a problem if the server generates an incorrect header and one does not have the access or the knowledge to change them.

  2. Hande says:

    This blog helped a lot about our problem about language translation file. Thank you for information.

  3. best iptv says:

    Hello,nice share.

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